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Collect trip data with the Motion-S Mobile SDK

Motion-S provides a mobile SDK for clients that do not have a data collection device. This SDK consists of a fully native Software Development Kit for Android and iOS that:

  • Collects location data at a high sampling rate;
  • Smartly detects trip start and trip end;
  • Sends the collected trip data to the Motion-S platform.

Please refer to the technical documentation for information about its usage.

Motion-S also offers consultancy for the integration of this SDK with existing or new apps. For example, the integration of the Motion-S mobile SDK with a gamification layer or with convenience services for payment (e.g., parking, fuel at the pump or maintenance management). Such integrations can provide users with relevant information such as their driving style, performance, areas of improvement, and enable the creation of ecosystems for our customers beyond their classical product offering. Contact us for more information about these services.

Submit trip data to the Motion-S API

Collecting driving data is the first step to enter into the vehicle telematics world. Our platform is device agnostic meaning it supports several data collection sources, from dongles and black-boxes to smartphone-based data. The only mandatory requirement is that the data collected must consist of a chain of locations containing:

  • an id (consecutive number);
  • latitude and longitude;
  • speed;
  • bearing;
  • timestamp.

Other data fields can be optionally used as location metadata for further analysis. The API documentation contains technical details about the integration between customers’ trip data and the Motion-S platform.