Extracting valuable information from augmented trip data allows gaining deep insights into mobility profiles. As such, we generate objective and reliable mobility profiles consisting of the main driver behaviour components to explain the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM). These components are:

By explaining the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM), the mobility profiles are of proven interest for fleet managers, car-sharing operators, insurance companies, OEMs or any other actor in the mobility ecosystem, enabling them to create innovative and dynamic pricing schemes based on user behaviour and to provide active coaching to keep even traditionally high-cost users under a competitive offer.

Once a trip has been processed by this phase, we send back the mobility profiling result. For this, customers need to specify a REST endpoint to receive trip assessments so that we can send them as soon as they are available. Please refer to any component of the Total Cost of Mobility to know more details about them.

API results


Customers need to specify a REST endpoint so that Motion-S can send the result of trip assessments as soon as they are obtained.

Profiling success

If the mobility profiling is a success, you will receive a json with the following strucure:

    "uid": "<motion-s-unique-trip-identifier>",
    "origin": "<customer-name>-<fleet-name>-<fleet-number>",
    "context": { ... }

Depending on the mobility profiling components that you are subscribed, this output will be extended with the following keys:

    "risk": { ... },
    "eco": { ... },
    "vehicle_health": { ... }

More details about the content of context, risk, eco and vehicle_health keys are given in the link above.

Profiling error

The first analysis step consists of trip quality assessment. It aims at identifying trips not performed in a car (train or even plane) or off-road trips.

If the trip is flagged as bad quality, you will receive a json with an error key:

"error": "message"

The list of error message you can receive is listed below:

Description Example message
Average speed of the trip too high Average speed too high: 556.31 > 180 [km/h]
Proportion of off-road trip too high Median deviation from map matching too high: 345.46 > 30 [m]