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Built To Provide Deep Insights Into Mobility Data

Understand driver behavior and the context of driving: build powerful business solutions with AI based predictive analytics. The Motion-S core platform processes GPS data from moving vehicles and provides meaningful analytics on the driving context, safety, eco-efficiency, vehicle wear, and mobility patterns in a matter of seconds.

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    Native for Android and iOS, also pre-integrated for React and Ionic. Collect location data at a high sampling rate, to detect trip start and end, and to send the collected data to the platform.



    Deep insights with a simple method: Latitude, longitude, and timestamp as basic data input, transmitted to our API, is sufficient to return contextualized trips and advanced mobility analytics.

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    Connected Insurance

    Innovative technologies to enable digital insurance products



    Analytics to lower Total Costs of Ownership



    Data Science as a Service to support your mobility-related solutions


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We can work with different frequencies of location data. Our mobile SDK collects location data with a navigation-like sampling rate (i.e., one location every one or two seconds). In contrast, data collected by third-party devices can write in frequencies variating between two to thirty seconds per location update.
In case of low frequency, the Motion-S platform can take into account driving dynamics events (e.g., acceleration, braking, cornering) generated on edge by the data collection device. This data can be pushed to the platform via a metadata field per location.
We use multiple premium maps, traffic, and weather services to obtain the best coverage worldwide. The contextual services we use are updated regularly to guarantee the best accuracy. Please get in touch with us to have a detailed assessment of contextual data available in your country or region.
Sure, our team of data scientists and engineers is eager to enlarge platform capabilities with new analytics, creating new models, correlations, and analytics endpoints ready to be consumed on your dashboards and reports.
All our computing and storing capabilities are located in Europe, including servers and databases in Germany, France, and Ireland.

About Us

Motion-S empowers its clients to design and implement new data-driven products in insurance, fleet management, and the automotive industry by collecting, augmenting, analyzing, and profiling vast amounts of data from moving vehicles and individuals.

The company is a leading mobility analytics provider and a trusted partner for companies worldwide.

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