Risk context summary detailing the frequency of observation of different contexts during different events and road types

This endpoint describes events/context/road-type combination frequency as a percentage of recorded events.

  • Quantities are percentages of events triggering given context, broken down in three road types:

    • rural;
    • urban;
    • motorway.
  • By adding up the three road types percentages, you get the percentage of events where given context has been detected.

  • It is very common that many contexts are detected at the same moment
    so percentages alltogether are not expected to sum up to 100;
    - e.g. driving by night + intersection + road in bad shape.

  • Example:

    • "speeding":
      • "context": "driving by night",
      • "motorway": 5,
      • "rural": 13,
      • "urban": 22
    • means "Among all speeding events, 40% happened while driving by night and those 40% are
      broken down in 5% on motorway, 13% on rural roads and 22% in urban areas".
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