Collecting mobile trip data

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How our mobile SDKs work
Tech artifacts: SDK usage, integrations, and plug-ins
Step-by-step guide for the integration

How our mobile SDKs work

Motion-S provides a mobile SDK for clients that do not have a data collection device. We have SDKs for (native) Android, (native) iOS, pre-integrated with React and Ionic, that:

  • Detects the trip start and trip end;
  • Collects location data at a high sampling rate;
  • Sends the collected trip data to the Motion-S platform or your own backend.

📘Good to know
If you would like to test-drive the full functionality of our SDK please download our Trip Recorder Whitelabel app from the stores: App Store and Google Play
Get in touch with us to request your fleet code (PIN) and an access to the analytics dashboard.

Step-by-step guide for the integration

Check out our tutorials for the integration of our mobile SDK in your mobile app for the different frameworks: