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What is it all about?
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What is this all about?

Our Data Augmentation API can deliver, for every single location of a trip, the whole context of road characteristics and quality, road topology and limitations, traffic signals, and weather information, to name only some.

In order to augment trip data, the following details are needed: timestamp, latitude, longitude, speed, and heading. Locations on a trip are first map-matched, and several layers of information are requested to our partnered services, including premium map databases and accurate weather services. As our customer, you can request augmented data for any trip, worldwide, in a real-time or historical manner.

Contextual Data Analytics On Trip Level

speedlimit/carsGet speed limit for cars per location. Depending on the query parameters, you can include dates and locations.
speedlimit/trucksGet speed limit for trucks per location. Depending on the query parameters, you can include dates and locations.
roadGet road information per location: local date and time, longitude, latitude, slope, curvature, road roughness (IRI), radius
locations/matchedGet matched locations for a trip. Depending on the query parameters, you can include dates.
illegal_actionsGet illegal actions per location: illegal turn, illegal U-turn, illegal direction
illegal_actions/turnGet illegal turn actions per location
illegal_actions/u_turnGet illegal U-turn actions per location
illegal_actions/directionGet illegal direction actions per location
weatherGet weather along a trip: date and time, cloud, sunset and sunrise time, humidity, pressure, sky info, dew point, gust speed, heat index, total snow, visibility, wind speed, wind degree, wind direction, wind chill temperature, temperature, perceived temperature, precipitation
possible_speedGet possible speed for a location
road_typeGet road type for a location: rural, urban, or motorway
road_elementsGet road elements for a location: ramp, bridge, roundabout, intersection, or tunnel
poisGet points of interest along the route, e.g., restaurants, charging station, parking, etc.

Contextual Data Analytics For Fleet, Device, Or Driver Depending On The Query Parameters

orig_destGet a list of start/end locations of the trips
summaryGet context summary for fleet, driver, device, or trip depending on the query parameters. Default time window is from 14 days ago until the present time. 'from_datetime' overrides 'days'. See extended examples below.
gforceGet minimum, maximum, and average g-force
illegal_driver_actionsGet total illegal actions
start_time/distGet start time distribution of trips
distance_travelledGet spatial repartition (road quality distance, weather distance, road type distance)

Example: Context Summary
    "elapsed_time": 65744,
    "distance": 870,
    "number_of_locations": 65229,
    "number_of_trips": 62,
    "countries_visited": [
    "average_speed": 50,
    "max_speed": 160,
    "average_roughness": 3.6,
    "average_slope": 0.8,
    "average_traffic_speed": 42,
    "road_rural_distance": 424,
    "road_urban_distance": 333,
    "road_motorway_distance": 113,
    "peak_morning_distance": 233,
    "peak_afternoon_distance": 345,
    "road_quality_distance_good": 177,
    "road_quality_distance_fair": 307,
    "road_quality_distance_poor": 123,
    "weather_distance_clear": 220,
    "weather_distance_cloudy": 383,
    "weather_distance_fog": 89,
    "weather_distance_rain": 69,
    "weather_distance_snow_or_ice": 108,
    "average_IRI": 3.6

Maps & Context API

Check our reference to see our endpoints: Maps and Context

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