EV Assessment

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What is it all about?
EV Transition Potential Assessment Details
EV Transition API
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What is it all about?

Choose EV where it matters. Our Fleet Composition Analytics allows you to understand whether you would benefit from upgrading any of your vehicles to full electric, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid models based on your fleet’s mobility patterns. Evolve your fleet with confidence. Moreover, trip paths are analyzed to include in the assessment information about EV chargers that the customer might use, thanks to augmented data.

EV Transition Potential Assessment Details

An electro-mobility assessment report has the aim to assess the driver’s eligibility to switch to an electric vehicle (EV). The main concept is linked to the three main limitations of the EV transition, and provides them with insights to tackle these:

  • Total cost of ownership;
  • Range anxiety and long-trip issues;
  • Hassle of EV charging networks.

EV Transition

fleet_compositionGet optimal fleet composition: EV, PHEV, HEV, and ICE
common_chargerGet the most common EV charger provider for fleet
charger_proximityGet chargers that are present within 200 m diameter of the driver's start and stop locations
scoreGet the EV, PHEV, or HEV score distribution for the fleet depending on the query parameters
powerGet available power distribution
savingsGet savings (EUR or CO2) for a fleet or a driver, depending on the query parameters
summaryCompute the EV, PHEV, and HEV scores for a fleet or driver

EV Assessment API

Check our reference to see our endpoints: EV Assessment

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