Energy Efficiency

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What is it all about?
Energy Efficiency Assessment Details
Energy Efficiency API
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What is it all about?

We create consumption-related driving scores, enabling our customers to gain insights into energy efficiency. Our analysis is based on the evolution of trip variables to obtain a trip energy consumption assessment. In a nutshell, we take into account the trip speed, the acceleration, and traffic flow speed along the trip. On top of that, we consider road topology information, like slope, in order to estimate, using fuel and EV-consumption models, the vehicle energy consumption. We compare this estimation against the ideal consumption, which takes into account the traffic flow speed in order to build a score


By combining individual trip analytics for each driver, we produce complete driving style assessments, giving insights into the eco-performance of each individual driver, device, or entire fleet.

Energy Efficiency Assessment Details

Fuel_consumed_litre_per_100_kmAverage consumption during a trip in L/100 km
eco_scoreEco driving score based on fuel consumption
eco_score_componentsEco driving score stratified into components(acceleration, speed, slope) with their individual impact
co2_emissions_kg_per_litreCO2 emitted in the trip, measured in kg/L
total_co2_emmited_in_kgAmount of CO2 emitted during the trip in kilograms
net_electric_consumption_kwhElectricity consumed (taking into account electricity recovered)
net_electric_consumption_propProportion of battery consumed (taking into account proportion recovered)
electricity_recovered_kwhElectricity recovered during trip (due to slope...)
electricity_consumed_kwhElectricity consumed (electric consumption without taking into account electricity recovered)
electricity_recovered_propProportion of battery recovered during a trip (due to slope...)
electricity_consumed_propProportion of battery consumed (without taking into account electricity recovered)
nb_ev_chargers_passed_byNumber of EV chargers along the trip (and within ~ 1.5 km around)
ev_chargers_passed_byReferences of electric vehicle chargers passed by during the trip (and within ~ 1.5 km around)
eco_detailsList of dictionaries (for each location of the trip) that contains the local_date, latitude, longitude and ratio_of_current_vs_ideal_fuel_consumption which represents ratio of drivers consumption versus traffic consumption
closest_charger_to_trip_endThe closest charger to trip END (dictionary containing the ID of the EV station and max_power)

Energy Efficiency API

Check our reference to see our endpoints: Energy Efficiency

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